Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Remote Part-time - Salary depending on experience

We are passionate about food, eating, and easy cooking and believe firmly that our new product AirGO will simply the task of cooking for anyone needing/wanting to eat at home every day.  It aspires to make cooking at home an easy breezy painless process, similar to how dishwasher made dishes.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about food and social media, and can help us write digital content to promote our message and product,

This role will work closely with the management to help design digital content and define, implement and manage the social media strategy for AirGO.   We are looking to drive much more traffic and engagement through our website/social pages.

We’re really interested in developing new ways and approaches to spread the word.  Ideally, you will develop social media strategies, write relevant content, measure results, identify trends, connect with trends in food and easy cooking.


Please send cover letter and resume to



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