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Meat Timeline Chart

Note the following chart is a quick look up for various recommend cooking time using AirGO. 

Note Result may vary depending on size and weight of items.

Meat Type Function Temp Instructions Approx. Amount Lining (parchment paper/foil) Flip on beep
Chicken thighs (skinless) Air Fry 400F ~20m (No Air Fry basket, use parchment paper, +few min to increase crispyness )
Spicy Chicken thighs recipe without use of basket.
4-5 parchment paper Flip
Chicken thighs (skinless) Air Fry 400F ~30m (With Air Fry basket)
Spicy Chicken thighs recipe with basket
4 no Flip
Chicken wings Air Fry 420F 20 minutes (With air fry basket) 10 chicken wings Line the pan with parchment paper, place Air fry basket on top Flip
Chicken wings Air Fry 420 F 13 minutes 18 Chicken wings no Flip
Drumstick Air Fry 420 F 28 Minutes (with air fry basket) 7 chicken legs Air Fry basket stand on parchment paper Flip
Drumstick Air Fry 420F 18-20 minutes ( no Air Fry basket) 10 chicken legs no Flip
Chicken backs with legs Air Fryer 410F ~35m 5 yes
Stuffed chicken breast (Costco) Oven + Grill 350F (oven)

400f (Grill) 

  1. 13 minutes Oven 350F.
  2. 3 minutes Grill 420F.

(Once you transfer from oven function to Grill function AirGO still need to preheat, just wait until pre-heat is finished and Grill another 3 minutes)

2 no Flip
Chicken nuggets Air Fry 400F 20min parchment paper or air fryer basket Flip
Steak Grill 420 6-8 minutes depending on thickness and cut . Increase time if more well done is required.

Please see Ribeye recipe/instructions or Filet Mignon or Steak
(Wait 2 more minutes after pre-heating finished. Brush little oil in cooking pan before preheating).

If you need to grill second pc of steak, let AirGO preheat again until temperature is reached)

8-10 ounce no


Braised beef short ribs Grill 420F 6 minutes

(Brush little oil in cooking pan before preheating).

2 no Flip
Tenderloin Fillet mignon


Grill 420F 6-7 minutes 2 Flip
Marinated Pork chop


Grill 420F 7 minutes 1 no Flip
Marinated Pork chop


Grill 420F 13 minutes 2 no Flip
Marinated Pork rib (chopped to separate single ribs) Air Fry 420 15-20 minutes 8 no Flip
Breakfast sausage Grill 370F 5 minutes 4pcs no Flip often
Beef/Pork patty Grill 420F 10-12 minutes 2 no Flip
Lamb Chop
Rack of lamb (medium rare)

Costco Australian package

Grill & Oven 420F, 350F

  1. 5 minutes Grill 400F.
  2. 40 minutes Oven 350F.

Salmon fish with skin on one side Grill 375F 10 minutes (brush butter in cooking pan before pre-heating) 0.8 LB no Don’t flip
Salmon fillet 1” Grill 375 7-10 minutes(brush butter in cooking pan before pre-heating) no flip
Salmon steak Air fryer 420 8 with Air fry basket 3 pcs Marinated with Pesto
Salmon fillet Oven 350F 10-15 minutes 0.8 lb Yes with Foil
Pacific Cod Fillet Grill 420F 9 minutes 3 chunks no Covered with corn starch
Large sausages Grill 300F 17-20 minutes 3 pcs no Flip often

Vegetable Timeline Chart

Vegetable AirGO function selection (F) AirGO Cooking time


Regular cooking time


Cooking time reduction Taste or other Use parchment paper or foil
Roasted Bell pepper


Grill 420 10-12 25 50% Sweet, juicy and tender yes
Roasted Beet


Oven 420 20-25 45-50 50% Super sweet and juicy yes

(add water)


Robotic Stir fry 420 3-5 6-10 50% Taste so juicy and sweet no
Mini potato (cut half)


Oven 420 20  35-40 50% Chewy and sweet yes
Sliced potato wedges


Air fry 420 without basket 20-25 35-40 40% Crispier skin and soft inside no
Sliced sweet potatoes


Air fry 420 15 20-25 25% Crispier skin and soft inside yes
Bake Whole sweet potato

Oven 420 20 min. (medium)- 40 (large sweet potato) 45-50 55% Super sweet and tender no
Roasted Portobello mushroom


Grill 400F 5-7 minutes 20 75% Very juicy and taste so good no
Roasted common ( white button) mushroom

Oven 380F 6-7  20 66%  Very juicy and tasty no
Roasted Enoki mushroom


Oven 350 5 20 75% Very juicy and chewy Foil
Roasted Brussel sprouts

Oven 420 7-8 30-40 75% Crispy skin and tender inside yes
Grill Asparagus


Grill 420 4 12-15 66% Soft and juicy no
Roasted Cauliflower ( half)

Oven 420 15 25 40% Juicy and tasty yes
Roasted zucchini (1/4 inch)

Oven 420 12 15-18 20% Juicy and tender yes
Roasted tomato


Oven 420 15 35 57% Juicy and sweet yes
Sautéed onion

Robotic Stir fry 420 8-10 minutes 10 10-20% No need manpower no
Sautéed Kale


Robotic Stir Fry 380 3 minutes with water 3-5 minutes n/a No need manpower no
Sautéed Cabbage

Oven 420 5 minutes 6-8 minutes 20% Sweet and crunchy yes
Roasted squash


Oven 420 10 minutes 25-30 minutes 60% Sweet and tender yes
Sautéed carrot (sliced 1/8”)


Grill 420 4-5 minutes 7-8 minutes 40% Sweet and tender NO
Sautéed Green beans

Grill 420 5-8 minutes 5 -10 minutes 10% Tender and Juicy No
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