Innovative 5 in 1 cooking system

  • Crepe, Pancake Maker
  • Mini Oven (Great for roasting small roast)
  • Grill
  • Air Fryer
  • Robotic Stir Fry (Hands free, worry free stir fry)

Advanced smart temperature controls

  • Smart temperature controls
  • Pre-calculated flip reminder for even cooking.
  • Hot warning indicator when the appliance’s temperature is greater than 150F (65C)
  • Heating status indicators displays when the top heating element and base heating plate are working.
  • Lid open and close detection. When lid is open, “Lid” is shown on control panel. If the lid is open more than 2 minutes, a warning of 5 beeps would be sounded. If the user closes the lid in the next 2 minutes, the program continues; otherwise, AirGO cancels the current program and stop heating as a safety precaution.
  • Automatic shut-off after AirGO is idle for more than 15 minutes to conserve energy.

Multiple heating techniques

  • 360o heating via conductive heat, radiated heat, and circulated hot air
  • Overheat protection is activated when if the base temperature is higher than 580oF (250oC) or the top element is higher than 440oF (230oC)
  • Automatic delayed shutdown of cooling fan to help cool the appliance faster after use.

Reduce cooking time by up to 25%

Due to the unique design, cooking is faster with AirGO

Consistent great result

Healthy cooking with less oil

PTFE free, ceramic coated non-stick cooking pan

Indoor grilling with less smoke

Unique flip indicator

Who needs an app when the machine tells you when to flip (at approximate half way point).

Touch-Sensitive Buttons

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