Crepe/Naan Maker
Mini Oven
Air Fryer
Auto Stir Fryer

16-in-1 Magic

Innovative Design for better cooking experience

The 16-in-1 Miracle Machine

The AirGO is an easy-to-use kitchen tool that combines 5 different cooking functions into one simple appliance for your convenience. You will be able to make many of your favorite recipes fast and easy with just few presses of buttons. AirGO can be used as

  • Air Fryer* (with or without Air fryer basket)
  • Grill
  • Crepe/Naan Maker
  • Mini Oven
  • Robotic Stir Fryer
  • Broil (top or bottom heating)

AirGO has two ways to air fry food: with or without Air fryer basket. When using without Air fryer basket:

  • it is a lot efficient if you air fry directly in the AirGO cooking pan.
  • AirGO cooking pan has a large room for you to AirFry.
  • You can directly add the liquid sauce into air-fried food to add more flavors.
  • It is convenient if you lay parchment paper in cooking pan for AirFry function. Once the cooking is finished you can throw away the parchment paper, no need to wash the cooking pan.
  • AirGO air fry function can easily be combined with stir fry function.

with Air Fryer basket: It is more like regular Air Fryer, and it may add more texture and flavor to sugar or honey marinated chicken wings.

Make cooking Easier, Healthier, Tastier
  • easier: set the time and temperature, then you can walk away
  • healthier: less oil, virtually smokeless
  • tastier: large cooking pan can heat evenly, locking nutrients, keep the taste inside the food
  • Make cooking result consistent: precise temperature control and timer make cooking repeatable. Easy to share recipes.
Why is AirGO smokeless

Usually there are two reasons to cause the smoke while you are cooking on stove top: One is the uncontrolled cooking temperature, another one is heating unevenly. AirGO has accurate temperature control to avoid uncontrollable heat which may pass cooking oil burnt point to cause smoke. And also AirGO has Extra-large and thick heating plate which ensures even heating

Why does AirGO require little to no oil

AirGO has unique combination of heating methods which cook food more efficient, and no need to add too much cooking oil to cook food thoroughly

Why AirGO cooks faster?

AirGO unique combination of heating methods make cooking efficient and also AirGO heating plate is extra-large and thick which help heat absorption. Furthermore, the unique designed cooking pan which increases contact with the food to improve heating efficiency.

Smart, Easy & Compact
  • Microprocessor controlled programs and smart temperature controls to maintain accurate cooking temperatures.
  • Efficient heating with four methods: conductive heat, forced circulated air, hot air, and radiant heat (No microwave heating is used).
  • Innovative technology and design can reduce energy and cooking time by up to 25% - 75%.
  • Illuminated cooking chamber and see-through glass lid allows easy observing of cooking progress without opening the lid.
  • PTFE-free and PFOA-free ceramic coated non-stick cooking pan helps you with healthy cooking using less oil and it is easy for cleanup.
  • Unique audible and visual flip notification reminds you to turn over food for better cooking results.
  • Closed cooking chamber making indoor grilling virtually smokeless.
  • Multiple built-in safety mechanisms protect appliance from over-current and over-heating.
  • Innovative hinge design to keep the lid in upright position when open.
  • Overheat protection is activated in the unlikely event when if the base or the top temperature reaches the pre-set safe temperatures.

For a quick reference of cooking time and function, see charts referenced below:

Why does AirGO cook faster you ask? See post

“Oh, man. I have to stir?” I had been so spoiled by the AirGO's Robotic Stir Fry function that stirring my veggies suddenly seemed like so much work." -- Healthy Cooking Made Easy (blog)
Kristin Jillian Shropshire - Acupuncture & Holistic Nutrition
"I really like the multi use functionality of it and the lack of dishes! I've made everything from stir fry to crepes in this innovative appliance!"
Frances V -- facebook reviewer
"...insert pan is ridiculously non-stick. This makes cleanup of the pan a breeze, robotic arm (stir-fry mode) + timed system allows for low-supervision cooking for things like: caramelizing onions, getting a nice reduction on veggies like mushrooms and zucchini, oven mode makes killer toasted sandwiches (put them in open faced"
Michael W -- reviewer
"I jumped on buying this because I wanted an air fryer that could do various methods of cooking. I'm very impressed with this appliance! It's so easy to operate and I am enjoying some of the best cooking of my life at home. So delighted! It's a dream come true!"
Sheila Y -- reviewer
What makes AirGO® so desirable?
  • Health concerns has been escalated to the top priority in recent years.
  • Efficient multi-functional cooking appliance are popular because it saves kitchen space, money, and cooking time.
  • Busy life styles need smart kitchen appliances to automatically monitor cooking time, cooking result.
  • AirGO was designed to help customer prepare healthy meals with less oil and shorter cooking time (reduces about 25-75% of cooking time compared to conventional oven).
  • AirGO cooks with little oil and without smoke.
  • Food lovers don’t like to compromise the taste of food in exchange of healthy eating. AirGO’s precise temperature control, combination of heating method and large heating plate lock the nutrients while pursuing excellence in taste.
AirGO® AP360 is innovative
  • AirGO® is a patent pending product in Canada and USA
  • First in the market to combine
    • Crepe/Naan maker
    • Oven
    • Grill
    • Airfryer
    • Robotic stir fry
  • Unique combination of 3-heating method:
    • Conductive heat
    • Circulated Hot Air
    • Radiant heat
  • Cooking food from all direction (360o)
  • Precise temperature control for all cooking functions
  • Flip indicator to remind customer avoid burned food
  • Cooking pan is specially designed for even and efficient heating
  • Robotic stir fry has completely new design
Heating Mechanism Comparison

Kitchen Appliance

Conductive Heat

Radiant Heat

Hot Air

Forced Hot Air


Conventional oven

Convection oven

Crepe/Naan maker


Stovetop frying pan

Air Fryer


Advantages of AirGO®
  • The first to combine 5 every day cooking functions in one compact design.
  • Digital temperature and time controls: temperature range from 100F-420F, cooking time ranges from 1 minute to 60 minutes
  • It is versatile and suitable for variety of foods: flour based, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. It cooks your breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Innovative 3 heating methods
  • Hands-free robotic stir fry allows customer perform other tasks while meal is cooked
Safety Mechanisms
  • Hot surface warning lets customers know the appliance is hot, even in standby mode
  • Automatic system self-check is performed each time AirGO is plugged in
  • Dual thermal sensors independently controls top and bottom heating elements
  • Over-current and over-heat protections
  • Grounded 3-prong plug to prevent electrical shock
  • Patented hinge lock keep lid in upright position when open
  • Automatically power down top heating element when lid is open
  • Maximum preheating and cooking time is programmed in all functions
Product specifications

Safety certification

ETL US and ETL Canada

Safety mechanisms



16-in-1 with 3 manual settings

Crepe/Naan maker


Toast oven




Air Fryer


Robotic Stir Fryer




Cooking pan size

11” (28 cm) diameter, 3” (8 cm) tall

Cooking pan capacity

4 Quarts (4L)

Cooking temperature setting

100F – 420F (5F intervals)

Cooking time setting

1 min – 60 min (1 minute intervals)

Cooking pan coating

Non-stick ceramic, FDA certified, PTFE-free and PFOA-free

Stirring paddle

PPA, FDA certified

User manual languages

English, French, Chinese

Recipe languages

English, Chinese

Shipping dimension

520x420x295mm (20.5”x16.5”x11.6”)

Shipping weight

8.2 KG (18 LB)

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